Thursday, January 19, 2017

Visiting the Mills

Today we had the opportunity to visit the Boott Mills at the Tsongas Industrial History Center in Lowell. We had beautiful weather as we explored both inside and outside the mill. Check out our pictures of a snapshot into our day in the mills of Lowell. 

Walking toward the mill- we crossed over the
canal to enter the mill

the large clocktower-to display the time for
all to see

Working in the "map room"
Students worked their way through time from the 1600's
to the 1800's, recreating how the land changed on the
giant floor map as well as using the murals on the walls

Dressing like boys of 1840

Discovering and learning about items that
boys and girls used during the 1800's

The boardinghouse dining room- where 35 girls
would gather to eat their meals

Listening to some information about
the boardinghouse and how they used to
look outside the mills

The looms in the weaving room

A few looms were turned on and making cloth
right in front of our eyes
We didn't stay long as the looms are very loud!

Our final stop of the day was to learn about the cotton
that was shipped to the mills

Students were given materials in which their task was
to invent something that would take the seeds out of cotton in a
quick and efficient way

After trying to create their inventions, students were shown a
model of the Cotton Gin- which they appreciated as it was much more efficient than
any of their inventions