Friday, October 14, 2016

Weekly Wrap up

This week flew by! Here are some of the highlights of our week! 

This week in library we were able to Skype with a mystery third
grade classroom. Students had to ask questions to try to figure out where the
students were located. These are some of the questions with the yes/no
answers from the students.

Here the students in the mystery classroom were asking us questions to
guess where we live.

Looking over the maps to see where the mystery class could be!
They were from Denver, CO!
When we visit library again, we are going to chat with them
about a book that both classrooms will be reading over the next few weeks. 

Students are checking out books in the library using the self checkout station.

Ms. Martin stopped by to read Hurray for You. 
She focused her lesson on discussing what self-esteem is. 

To wrap up our math class for the week- we learned how to play a new game. We have been learning our multiplication facts- 0,1,2,5,9,10. To practice in a new way the class learned how to play multiplication squares! Students roll double dice to create a multiplication equation. Once they find the product they mark it on their game board. Complete a square and receive a point! Most points at the end of game play wins!